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Patient Testimonials

Acne Patient Testimonial

Our patient, Bailey, suffered with acne throughout her life, but it worsened following the birth of her twin girls. Our Physician Assistant, Katie Rehberg, recommended an oral antibiotic and Obaji products which quickly cleared up her skin. Our team also identified and removed an abnormal mole in order to prevent the potential of melanoma.

Hair Loss Testimonial

This young patient was referred to Academic Alliance in Dermatology by his physician to provide skin care treatment. He describes the pain, swelling, and hair loss we experienced and how it was difficult to sleep at night. Once he was seen by Dr. Vasiloudes, he saw immediate results and his hair was growing back within a week. The swelling on his head and neck had decreased nearly overnight and the changes have made a positive impact on this young mans life.

Melanoma Patient Testimonial

Our patient, Tom, was diagnosed with Melanoma and met with Dr. V to discuss treatment options and what to expect. Following surgery, he was thankful to learn it had not spread because it was caught early on. He describes his post-op experience and thanks Dr. V for being detailed and proactive about his health.

Mole Removal Patient Testimonial

Our patient, Lucy, initially met with Dr. V to examine a suspicious mole and explained her family’s history of Melanoma. During that visit, Dr. V removed her mole and also recommended that her mother set up an examination to check for Melanoma – her mother was later diagnosed with the early stages of Melanoma. Lucy highly recommends that anyone concerned with a suspicious mole to set up an appointment with Dr. V.

Melanoma Patient Testimonial

At a young age, Ethan was diagnosed with Melanoma. She visited several doctors with various medical opinions on his rare case, but she ultimately chose Dr. V to care for her son because felt confident in his plan. His mom discusses how Dr. V. and the Academic Alliance In Dermatology staff continue Ethan’s care and provide confidence that the family is going down the right path of care.

Patient Testimonial

A patient describes how he has been coming to see Dr. Vasiloudes to treat several marks on his skin. During a recent visit, he was concerned about marks around his eyes and face. Dr. V. assured him that there was non-surgical ways of treating the skin in such sensitive areas. See how this provided our patient with a sense of security and relief.

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