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5 Skincare Resolutions For 2021

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body, and there are lots of skincare resolutions you can make this year that can improve your overall health while helping refocus your priorities! Here are a few skincare resolutions for 2021 to consider.

2021 is almost here, and it’s time to start talking about one of our favorite and least favorite things: resolutions. Regardless of whether your 2020 resolutions were a smashing success or a massive failure, it’s time to put 2020 behind us and start looking forward to a brighter, more beautiful year in 2021!

When most people sit down to write their resolutions, there are lots of themes that you typically see popping up such as diet, finances, workout-based resolutions, or resolutions that center around personal growth or satisfaction. These are all great resolutions, but have you ever stopped to consider making skincare part of your new year’s resolution this year?

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body, and there are lots of skincare resolutions you can make this year that can improve your overall health while helping refocus your priorities! Here are a few skincare resolutions for 2021 to consider.

Skincare Resolution #1: Alter Your Intake For Healthier Skin

We fuel our bodies with the food we eat and the beverages we drink. In fact, the phrase “you are what you eat” is fundamental to our health! Many people will set resolutions to diet and exercise more this year, but what they might not realize is that this can have hugely positive impacts on their skin as well! While diet isn’t the only factor in healthy, beautiful skin, it’s certainly a component.

Staying healthy, eating certain foods, and focusing on hydration can have a huge effect on the health and overall appearance of your skin, so be mindful of what you eat and drink this year and try to make small healthy changes to your food intake! Some great goals might be: drinking more water, eating fewer processed food items, and increasing our intake of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

Skincare Resolution #2: Develop A Skincare Routine

If there’s one good thing you can do for your skin, it’s to develop a routine and stick to it. Our bodies increase and decrease sebum secretion when the external environment changes, so finding a routine that works for your skin type might be tough, but it will be worth the effort when you have reliably beautiful, healthy skin that glows. Not sure where to start with your skincare routine? Talk to a dermatologist in Tampa about the skincare products that are best for you!

Skincare Resolution #3: Wear More Sunscreen

Ultraviolet light is extremely damaging to our skin cells’ DNA, and we’re firm believers that stocking up on SPF products (and making using them a priority) should be on everyone’s list of resolutions this year! As we’re all aware, too much unprotected exposure can greatly increase our risk for skin cancer – especially in places like Florida where we’re exposed to sun pretty much year-round. Try to make SPF protection part of your daily routine in 2021 by stocking up on your favorite SPF products and making sure to reapply them throughout the day every day, even when you’re not sitting on the beach in direct sunlight. Not sure how to pick the right sunblock? We have a post with recommendations just for you.

Skincare Resolution #4: Find A Dermatologist

Many people go straight to their general practitioner with questions about overall skin health and certain skin conditions. While your family doctor may be able to help with some ailments, they’ll likely refer you to a dermatologist for management, anyway. Start building a relationship with a dermatologist this year! Not only can they help with correct diagnosis and treatment of medical dermatology conditions such as psoriasis, acne, etc., they can also recommend aesthetic treatments for patients with cosmetic dermatology or anti-aging concerns.

From skin cancer concerns and treatment of skin issues to innovative laser treatments and a wide suite of aesthetic services, Academic Alliance in Dermatology is a one-stop-shop for all of your skincare needs!

Skincare #5: Set Up Regular Skin Checks (And Actually Go To Them)

Skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to spot before it becomes a systemic problem, but you have to be looking for it. Even if you don’t have a skin condition that requires frequent visits to the dermatologist or you don’t consider yourself high risk for skin cancer, you should still be scheduling regular skin checks 1-2 times a year with a dermatologist to make sure that you haven’t developed any precancerous or cancerous spots. We’ve been in the field for over 30 years, and we know just how quickly things can change and what a huge part early detection plays in a patient’s ability to treat something before it turns into Melanoma! If you’re on the hunt for a dermatologist in Tampa, we’ve got your back.

The new year is ahead of us, and if you let it then it can be one that’s full of hope, change, and positive improvement across so many areas of your life – including your skin! While we can’t help you lose that 10 pounds that you want or get your retirement savings on track, our team is here to help you accomplish your skincare resolutions, whether that means finding a dermatologist you love, staying on top of your screening, getting an aesthetic treatment to feel more confident in yourself this year, or getting started with a skincare regimen.

Our team has been helping patients in Tampa and the surrounding communities for over 30 years, and our doctors and staff will help you identify any problems, develop a strategy for treatment, and see you through to your skincare goals! Contact us today for more information.

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