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What Are My Hair Removal Options?

Body hair is a natural part of life, but the reality is that both men and women spend a good portion of their daily lives shaving, waxing, or plucking to get rid of unwanted hair. Thankfully, there are a few different hair removal options available that can cut down on your time spent trying to control the growth of unwanted hair from all over your body!

Options For Permanent Hair Removal

There are three main aesthetic treatment options available for hair removal: electrolysis, IPL, and laser hair removal. Today we’re going to walk you through each type to determine which option is best for you!


Probably the least commonly known hair removal option, Electrolysis is when a technician uses a fine needle and a current of electricity to produce heat and destroy the hair. Using this method, the specialist treats every hair follicle individually, which can be time-consuming. Electrolysis works well on gray hair and on patients with all skin tones, but can be more painful than other techniques and may require multiple sessions, which can get costly.


IPL stands for intended pulse light and works by directing an intense, broad-spectrum pulse of light at hair follicles using a wand. IPL is not a laser treatment; the light is less focused and weaker than the light used in laser hair removal. Because the light is multi-wavelength, this method works well on people who suffer from rosacea and other skin discoloration conditions. The process is gentle, but multiple treatments are necessary for successful results.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most common and sought-after hair removal treatment, and for good reason! Laser hair removal uses a focused laser beam of light that heats up and kills hair down to its roots. The melanin or pigment in the hair absorbs the light and is destroyed.

Laser hair removal works on hair in the active growth phase (anagen stage). Therefore, the patient may need a few treatments to see the results they want. Laser hair removal is very safe and does not damage the skin, only the hair follicle. The laser feels like a rubber band snap on your skin, and most patients experience minimal discomfort if any.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Each hair removal process may help to reduce the amount of hair, but no treatment is technically “permanent”. The results vary by patient, and may last anywhere from a few months to several years. Laser hair removal is very effective for long periods of time (usually a few years). Even when the hair does grow back, it tends to be lighter and softer and less noticeable. For some patients, the hair never regrows!

At Academic Alliance in Dermatology we’re proud to offer the most cutting edge laser hair removal solutions available and provide laser hair removal services at our Kennedy and Webb locations. If you’re interested in laser hair removal in Tampa, contact us today to discuss your options!

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