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5 Benefits Of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a wonderful non-invasive cosmetic treatment that help exfoliate smooth lines and wrinkles and create an overall younger and brighter look using a chemical solution. There are tons of benefits to chemical peel treatment, but today we’re sharing five benefits of chemical peels every patient should know about.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a form of skin exfoliation that uses a topical solution of chemical compounds to eliminate dead or damaged skin by removing your skin’s top layer. As the name implies, you will likely “peel” for a few days after the treatment as your dead skin cells shed. Don’t be alarmed, though! Once the old skin has been shed, it reveals a beautiful smoother, more youthful new layer of skin.

5 Chemical Peel Benefits

Benefit #1: Smooths Fine Likes and Wrinkles

Because the procedure is removing the top layer of your skin, one of the most noticeable benefits of a chemical peel is how smooth your skin looks underneath. The new skin has not been exposed to the elements, and therefore looks younger and brighter. You’ll see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and will look and feel younger!

Benefit #2: Treats Sun Damage and Dark Spots

Chemical peels are one of the most effective treatments for melasma or dark patches caused by pregnancy. Since they remove the topmost layer of skin, people have seen great results when it comes to diminishing the appearance of sunspots or damage through chemical peel treatment.

Benefit #3: Improves Effectiveness of Your Skincare Products

Chemical peels reveal the next layer of skin, which is smoother and more radiant than the previous one but also more receptive to skincare products and regimens. This is because the dead skin cells that were once on your top layer of skin are no longer blocking the penetration of your skincare products. Not only will getting a chemical peel make your skin look fresher and younger, it will be more receptive to any products you have in your skincare regimen.

Benefit #4: Chemical Peels are Non-Invasive

Chemical peels are non-invasive, low risk, and safe to use on every skin pigment and type. Your doctor can also work with you to create a custom chemical peel based on your skin type and what you are hoping to accomplish.

Benefit #5: They Diminish Acne (and Scarring)

Another benefit of chemical peels is their ability to unclog pores and remove blackheads with the use of salicylic acid. As if that weren’t enough, chemical peels can also fade scarring from pimples.

Chemical peels are a great option for patients looking to improve the appearance of their skin, and they come with a huge variety of benefits. The treatment itself takes between 30-90 minutes depending on which peel you get, and the experience is completely pain-free! It’s normal to experience some redness and peeling for a few days post-peel, and it’s important to wear sunscreen every day and minimize your time spent in the sun immediately after treatment until your fresh skin has time to acclimate. For best results, most doctors recommend a series of chemical peels spaced a few months apart to target deeper layers of your skin.

If you are interested in chemical peels in Tampa, call the dermatology professionals at Academic Alliance in Dermatology today to schedule your consultation!

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