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National PA Week: Issuing A Sincere Thank You To Our Incredible Physician Assistants

This week is National PA Week, an annual event that’s held each year from October 6-12 and is dedicated to honoring physician assistants and their contributions to our nation’s health. PA’s are a vital part of the healthcare system, and among one of the most versatile and collaborative healthcare providers.

At Academic Alliance In Dermatology, we are lucky enough to be supported by an incredible group of physician assistants. Our PA’s are the backbone of our organization, and we are so grateful each and every day to have them as part of our team. It takes hard work, sacrifice, and several years of schooling to attain the education and qualities necessary to become a PA, and none of ours are anything less than exceptional!

PA’s can diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and even serve as a patient’s primary healthcare provider. You’ll find them in every state and every medical setting or specialty, supplementing physicians and improving patients’ access to quality healthcare. Our PA’s are experts at diagnosing and treating a variety of dermatology related conditions, with an emphasis on clinical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology as well. Whatever your skincare needs, our team is equipped to handle them.

These men and women have devoted such a big portion of their lives towards improving the field of dermatology, and we are blown away each and every day by their passion, their expertise, and their unwavering commitment to extraordinary patient care. We are so lucky to have our PA’s not only as a part of our practice, but as close friends as well.

As we continue to celebrate National PA Week, we want to issue a sincere thank you to each of our incredible PA’s, whose hard work and dedication to our practice, our patients, and our industry is a joy to witness. Thank you for everything that you do!

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