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Providers’ Picks: Exploring Our Favorite Skincare Products

When it comes to taking care of your skin, the best thing you can do is develop a skincare routine that works for your schedule, your budget, and your specific skin needs. That means figuring out what your ultimate skincare goals are, and then determining which products are best suited to helping you accomplish those goals. No two people are the same, which is why there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all skincare routine out there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make recommendations!

Our providers are incredibly passionate about helping our patients find the right skincare products and put together the best possible routine for their skin, so throughout the month of May we’ll be doing a little series called “Providers’ Picks”, where several of our providers will highlight their favorite products and skincare routines. First up is Heather Scull, PA-C, MMS, MS!

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“Our appearance is a reflection of inner and outer beauty. We must start with a great foundation by using various skincare products. Cosmetic procedures are subsequently complemented by our skincare regimen. We (especially I) need both! When patients ask me ‘What do you consider your favorite skincare products’, these are a few of my favorite things!”

Favorite Products For Your Morning Skincare Routine

  1. First thing in the morning I wake up and wash with SkinCeuticals Replenishing or Soothing cleanser or the Obagi Gentle cleanser, depending on the time of year and what procedure I’ve done recently. Occasionally I use Skinceuticals Microexfoliating Scrub or SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA cleanser a few times per week, along with the Obagi Pro C Microderm Polish + Mask for a gorgeous glow!
  2. Protecting my skin entails the daily use of an antioxidant serum. I use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic every morning to defend against environmental damage and free radical oxygen species that break down collagen.
  3. After that, I use my rejuvenation and collagen enhancing Alastin Restorative, which is one of my secrets! I think my skin glows since I started in 2017!
  4. Lastly comes my fave sunscreen, Skinceuticals Physical Fusion, which has a slight tint and SPF 50 with zinc! I don’t even wear foundation!

Favorite Products For Your Evening Skincare Routine

My evening routine looks like this:

  1. Relax, wash, and repeat AM cleanser. I’ll alternate with a glycolic acid / salicylic acid cleanser as well.
  2. Next I’ll apply a powerful retinoid (a derivative of Vitamin A) like the Retin-A cream (aka Tretinoin), which is a NECESSITY for great skin! Accelerating cell turnover and treating while preventing wrinkles is a MUST in my book. For those who are sensitive, Retinols would be a good choice to ease your skin into a regimen.
  3. Moisturization is key, especially when using Retin-A since it can make my skin dry, but with my fave Skinceuticals Triple Lipid cream, my skin looks more supple, full, has an improved texture and luxurious radiance. I also alternate with my other fave Skinceuticals HA Intensifier, which is a hyaluronic acid serum that leaves my skin feeling hydrated, smoothe, supple, and firm!
  4. To reduce my crinkles and crepey skin, I prefer Skinceuticals AGE Eye complex cream or Obagi Elastiderm eye cream.
  5. Bonus step: While I don’t personally use Latisse, it’s best used at night on your makeup-free face and can provide fuller, thicker and more dense lashes!

Favorite Skincare Products by Category

Sometimes it’s helpful to search for products based on what they do. For those of you looking for specific products within a particular category (i.e. products that moisturize), here are some suggestions Heather put together:

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Creating a skincare routine can be difficult, but like we said earlier the first step is to identify any issues within your skin so that you can create skincare goals to work towards. When it comes to picking skincare products, let these goals guide you! Perfect skin is within reach for every patient, and if you ever need help figuring out what products to use or how to create a great skincare routine, our providers are here to help.

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