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July Newsletter 2019

Summer is in full swing! We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening in our offices, and we’re so excited to update all of our patients on what’s on the horizon for the month of July. Here’s a peek at some of the big things that happened over the past month, and what you can look forward to during the month of July!

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New Appointment Reminder Software Installed

We would like to make everyone aware of the new patient appointment reminder system we are using called SolutionReach. It will notify of your upcoming appointments in multiple different ways (text, email, voice) depending on your preference and allows you to confirm or cancel the appointment. This is a more robust system compared to what we previously used. We hope you will find it convenient.

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Dr. Panos Vasiloudes Presents Melanoma Research On Global Stage In Italy

For one week in June, men and women from 180 “global societies” descended on Milan. They were dermatologists, not designers, there to transform the Italian epicenter of fashion into the source of “Skin Health for the World”. It’s a tall order but the promise of the 24th World Congress of Dermatology. Not since 2015 had the world congress been held. Among the select speakers was Tampa Bay’s own Dr. Panos Vasiloudes!

“The World Congress of Dermatology is like the Olympics for us,” said Dr. Vasiloudes, President, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Academic Alliance in Dermatology. “We started preparing my presentation four to five years ago,” he said matter-of-factly. “We’ve been collecting data on melanoma since 1993. That’s over a quarter of a century,” said Dr. Vasiloudes. “We’ve found melanomas that, at first, look very innocent and they’re in the same spot where the grandmother had a melanoma. Even the tiniest little 1mm spot can be inherited over 4 generations,” he continued. “Our database contains over 450,000 patients.”

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We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening around the office, and we’re so happy to be sharing them with our wonderful patients. Wishing everybody a wonderful month!

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